Studying MBBS in abroad is a dream come true for every student, because of the wide range of facilities and services available. Colleges abroad have a vast range of feature that can be attract Indian MBBS aspirants, be it broad spectrum of the subjects taught or the extra-curricular activities that make the most of their talent.

Why go for Belize Medical College, Central America?

Central America Health Sciences University (CAHSU), Belize Medical College is the ideal place for students looking for pursuing MBBS. In recent years, it has become one of the most popular college for a medical course and best services. A high number of Indian students have immigrated to CAHSU to study MBBS and have enjoyed great education and major facilities provided by the college.

Affordable fee structure

Belize medical college has a really affordable fee structure with scholarship opportunities for Indian students. As compared to Indian private colleges the fee structure is much less and includes fooding, lodging, air fare, tuition fee etc. This is one of the reasons that makes Belize medical college one of the best colleges to be considered when planning of studying abroad.

Easy Selection Process

A selection process is rather straightforward, and the colleges only demand for the student to have High School Diploma (minimum GPA 2.5 and 2.5 or above in English and Math). Four passes in CXC subjects, which must include English and Mathematics. ATLIB English and Math general test pass, or combined score of 890 on the SAT or 18 on the ACT. The course lasts for 5 years, and an additional year for internship which is necessary for every student. Providing highly valued education, it is very affordable, costing less than most universities in other countries and still manage to facilitate all the necessary elements for a good education to the students. Scholarships are also presented based on merit and help the student overcome the burden of bills.

Experienced Teachers

Highly trained and studied teachers take everyday lessons on the subjects and give more attention to theoretical and practical classes so that students are able to understand and explore the topics with an equal balance of depth and practical knowledge. Hospitals with modern equipment and highly regarded Doctors flock the country and are ideal for students looking to be internships and for projects, and with their guidance, they’re able to achieve their goals more successfully and with more conviction.

A large number of students take resident in hostels and are provided with every necessary supplies that should be given to student, including, Wi-Fi, library, hot water for bath etc. In this enriching environment, students are encouraged to take active role in interacting with others, taking time to visit the library and are allowed to have free time to go out and explore outside the hostel.

The campus is brimming with diversity and a trusting relationship between the students and the staff also makes sure that everyone is safe and comfortable in the surrounding. Bullying is strongly prohibited, and a student caught attempting to threaten their classmates will be suspended.

Easy Admission Process

The process for admission is simple. Students should submit documents relating to their academics and other necessary details should be filled in before any of the formalities are put into progression. It makes the progress even easier to follow, and the candidates can then get emails from the respective colleges about their admission statuses.

No Bullying Policy

Another misunderstood aspect of studying Abroad for some time was that the students immigrating to the countries might be vulnerable to getting attacked or be discriminated against. But nowadays, the threat of being beaten bullied or ostracized has been significantly reduced because of the college’s anti-bullying policies and encouraging a multi ethnic environment so that new students don’t feel left alone by their peers and classmates. The college and the state is much safer for girls too and in the previous years we’ve helped a lot of female aspirants to accomplish their doctor dream.

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